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A-Gon Traded, Will Be DFA'd To Become A Free Agent
12/17/17 via FenwayNation
(Getty Images) Former Red Sox first-baseman Adrian Gonzalez was traded today from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Atlanta Braves. However, it is understood that he will be designated for assignment by the Braves and become a free-agent. While he would be unlikely to accept a reu...
Cora front and center for Christmas at Fenway
12/16/17 via MLB Red Sox
Saturday's Christmas at Fenway event provided new Red Sox manager Alex Cora with a chance to interact with hundreds of enthusiastic fans who will follow his every move from April through October....
DOH! J.D. Martinez Prefers Playing Outfield To DHing
12/16/17 via FenwayNation
Uh-Oh. Dave Dombrowski' s "secret plan" to out-stare uber-agent Scott Boras might have hit a fatal land mine. Word from the camp of J.D. Martinez is that he prefers to play an outfield position and not DH . Clearly, Boston's plan is to have him replace David Ortiz at the desig...
Book Review: Urban Shocker, Silent Hero Of Baseball's Golden Age, By Steve Steinberg
12/16/17 via the joy of sox
Urban Shocker: Silent Hero of Baseball's Golden Age By Steve Steinberg (University of Nebraska Press, 2017) Urban Shocker pitched parts of 13 seasons for the New York Yankees and St. Louis Browns before dying at age 37 of heart failure in 1928. In his introduction, Steve Steinberg write...
Red Sox determined to land big bat
12/15/17 via MLB Red Sox
Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski will stay on the grind of trying to find a big bat, which has been elusive so far this offseason....
POLL: J.D. Martinez Still Seen As Top Bat Choice For Sox
12/15/17 via FenwayNation
Continued voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that a plurality of readers (down from an earlier majority ) prefer J.D. Martinez as the top choice to fill the Red Sox offensive void. As the chart shows, 46% now choose Martinez, followed by 22% who pick Manny Machado . Picking up...
Sox focus on J.D., Hosmer as FA market moves
12/15/17 via MLB Red Sox
The Red Sox still haven't landed their coveted bat this offseason, but the free-agent market finally moved on Friday....
Jacoby Ellsbury's Post-Boston Performance Evaluation
12/15/17 via FenwayNation
Multiple rumors are floating around that former Red Sox OF Jacoby Ellsbury may be on the move out of the Bronx. The Pinstriped Posers seem to have a bit of a log-jam in their outfield—and a pretty expensive one at that. Unless Ellsbury is moved, he will become a $21,142,857 million bench-wa...
Carlos Santana Reportedly Signs With Phillies
12/15/17 via Red Sox – CBS Boston
One of the Red Sox' three free agent targets this winter is off of the market. ...
Phillies Snare One Red Sox 1B Option In Carlos Santana
12/15/17 via FenwayNation
Take one more free-agent option off the table. The Phillies signed first-baseman Carlos Santana to a three-year, $60 million contract. If Santana is getting that much, you can rest assured that 'uber-agent'  Scott Boras is asking way north of those figures for Eric Hosmer . T...
Empire Looks To Bury Red Sox With Acquisition Of Cole
12/15/17 via FenwayNation
(Getty Images) The only edge the Red Sox have on The Bronx Embalmers —and we mean the only edge—is in the starting rotation. And, frankly, the edge is not all that profound. The one area that Brian Cashman did not smoke Dave Dombrowski this off-season is in upgrading h...
All Of Boston's First Base Options Are "Can't Misses"
12/15/17 via FenwayNation
2015-2017 Stats (Courtesy: Despite the curious geek-inspired hatred of Eric Hosmer , all three of Boston's potential first-base replacements for Mitch Moreland (who wasn't half-bad himself) are solid . No matter how you slice it, Hosmer, Carlos Santana or J...
SHOP: Spend, save & free delivery by Dec. 23
12/14/17 via MLB Red Sox
Finish your holiday shopping at the Red Sox Shop, where you can take 20 percent off orders over $40 and get free delivery by Dec. 23. Use the code SPRINT20 and save until Tuesday at noon ET....
The Most Prolific Slugging Teammates In History (The List Ain't Changing Any Time Soon)
12/14/17 via the joy of sox
Will Stanton And Judge Become The Most Prolific Slugging Duo Of All Time? The short answer to the not-so-subtle headline on today's ESPN article by Bradford Doolittle: No . A longer answer follows: Doolittle writes: According to ESPN Stats & Information, last season, [Aaron] Judge...
Ex-Red Sox 1B Bill Buckner Turns 68 Years Old Today
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
Bill Buckner turns 68 years old today. If there was any justice in the world, he should be able to calmly reflect today on a tremendous , 22-year MLB career with the Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, Royals and Angels. He put together a stellar .289 career batting average and drove in over 1,200 runs....
Report: Red Sox Want To Sign Both J.D. Martinez And Eric Hosmer This Winter
12/14/17 via Red Sox – CBS Boston
The Red Sox quietly left the Winter Meetings on Thursday, but it doesn't sound like they'll be silent for much longer. ...
REPORT: Sox Look To Sign BOTH Martinez And Hosmer
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
If Michael Silverman 's report in The Boston Herald is correct—all is forgiven, Mr. David Dombrowski , sir. According to Silverman, the Red Sox are currently in negotiations with free agents J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer —with the intent of signing both . While netting the two most-...
Quiet Trip To Florida: Winter Meetings Over For Red Sox
12/14/17 via Red Sox – CBS Boston
Many are wondering why Dave Dombrowski even went to Florida this week. ...
POLL: Most Readers Want Red Sox To Land J.D. Martinez
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that a majority of readers (57%) most prefer J.D. Martinez  (a free agent) as the player they would like the Red Sox to acquire. As the chart shows, just under one-third (31%) would rather The Carmine Hose land Manny Machado (wh...
POLL: Which ONE Player Do You MOST Want to Land?
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
Of all the players the Red Sox have (supposedly) been mentioned with—which ONE would you MOST like them to land? Eric Hosmer Manny Machado J.D. Martinez Eduardo Nunez Mark Reynolds Kyle Schwarber Christian Yelich free polls ...
Quiet at Meetings, Sox expect talks to heat up
12/14/17 via MLB Red Sox
The Winter Meetings are over, but the offseason is just getting started for the Red Sox. President of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski has already informed members of his staff to keep their phones and laptops accessible during the holiday season, because things could be heating up at that time....
Red Sox Among Ten Clubs Inquiring On Christian Yelich
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
Yelich (Getty Images) Don't get too excited, but multiple sources indicate that the Red Sox are among ten teams that have contacted the Miami Marlins about left-hand hitting OF Christian Yelich . The 26-year-old is reportedly upset that Derek Jeter has traded away the core o...
Sox Transact! Unfortunately, Just In The Rule Five Draft
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
Luke Tendler The Red Sox made a move at The Winter Meetings ! Alert the media— Dave has awoken! No, they didn't land J.D. Martinez , Eric Hosmer , or Jose Abreu —hell, not even Eduardo Nunez ! In the AAA Phase of today Rule 5 Draft , the Red Sox selected OF Luke Tendler ...
The 2017 Winter (Meetings) Of Our Red Sox Discontent
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
Dealin' Dave has morphed into Reelin' Dave . This off-season, it's all about how Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski has been psychologically sand-bagged by his counterpart in Baghdad-By-The-Hudson . As an example, Dombrowski actually said this last nigh t, "I thi...
Olney: Sox 'Well-Positioned' To Land Martinez Or Hosmer
12/14/17 via FenwayNation
UPDATE: Padres Favorites on Hosmer, Sox 'lurking'. According to Buster Olney of , the Red Sox are "well-positioned" to land either J.D. Martinez or Eric Hosmer . The news about the two most prominent free-agents  on the market  comes after other reports tha...


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